BAK was founded in 1979 with the purpose of installing and maintaining lifts. The precious experience that was acquired gave us the necessary push to expand our activities in 1987 to manufacturing control panels and peripherals. Our brand is connected with the history of the Greek control panel:


2004: B7 is the first Greek serial control panel. It is successfully installed in single, double and triple elevators. With its massive sales, B7 signifies the beginning of the era of serial control panels for Greece.


2007: BRS-1 is the first Greek electronic rescue system for traction elevators and the only one that uses technology  not required aluminum coolers.


2009: The BAK inverter is the first Greek inverter for traction elevators up to 9,5 KW and the only one that requires no tuning because it is auto- tunable. Greece enters dynamically in the inverter game, offering to the Greek installer a machine  that suits him and not something that was build for 140-floor skyscrapers.

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